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  1. I dun know how new theese are but: Baka and Test Soul Eater Fairy Tail (Sub) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ouran HS Host Club [Alot more but I'm drawing a blank]
  2. not yet, trust me, you'll know when, it'll be all over the news!

  3. I had a crush on a cannibal because that's just the way I am. I hope this never happens. I dun want eaten
  4. Did you start your master plan to sneak whatever in the world that is into your water supply?

  5. When you download convert and watch Magical Doremi 4Kids
  6. 6765 Ignoring two posts above. Dirty Spammers.
  7. You forgot to wish for something so I will. I wish I would stop getting sick on Fridays, or any day.
  8. I cant pick one I've heard classic 80's 90's and they are good but I like some of present day music also.
  9. I wanna be a part of writing gaming reviews. I heard Irish and Naoto talking about and they said ask you for a link that if you dub me able to you will give it to me.

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