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Fora are good for extended conversation. =P And for slowpokes like me who have to think about everything that is being said and have to proofread things a billion times. Which, of course, is never enough because there's always a typo somewhere. =P

But welcome to FM. Woo.

xD Gotta love them typos. <<.V.>>d//K.,. (jitterish crap..)

Hey badomen121211, welcome to the joint. erm odd name you have.

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Hai mister Shade's boyfriend (did he get fifth?)


I KNOW SHE'S EVIL, MAN, RUN, FLEE FOR YER LIFE!!! *hides behind him and sticks tongue out*

...*realizes he's hiding behind someone prolly half his size and a few years younger*...*slowly walks away whilst whistling*

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