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A Short farewall to this forum =(


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hi guys, it's almost a year since i've joined this forum and im really glad that i've been active in most of the post and threads here.

as for this, i have to go and say a temporary farewell to this forums for some important reasons that i have to achieve for myself.

i think that it would be 7 - 8 months that i have to control myself in some things that i should avoid - especially gaming, animes (One Piece) and the internet. what i will do is focus on my studies to make up for my licensure exams to be a legal architect in my country.

i know several guys in this forums and it's pretty hard for me too, but im just following my own best judgement for the best of my career.

to the mods, uploaders, members and several cyber friends here, the pleasure is mine to meet you here. i just hope that i can still see you here in this forums when the time comes that i will be back =)

well, then.. see yah guys, probably i will be back this december or in the next year =)


i wish the best of luck to you in continuing to maintain this great forums, im really glad in my part to know this site too well that i've managed to discover some good and awesome animes that im not fond of before.

oh, and my apologies if ever my thread is in a wrong place, i just cant seem to find the best place to put this topic of mine =)

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Good luck your with objective and your career lordofelemental. You will certainly be missed by many. It has been a pleasure knowing you as well. We may not have talked a whole lot during your stay but I will certainly miss you as well. If all goes well we should still be around when you plan to return. I guess we'll have to wait till then to see you around.

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