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Love/Peace and funky hair grease.

Sean Eats Airplane

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Um, I'm getting tired of forums. I've done what I can to keep the FFN community intact, so hopefully that works.

I've grown old, and I'm too busy with jobs/driving/females and all that, so it's time to move on.

I'm still keeping contact with most of my friends, either myspace or msn if I ever re-download it again.

and that's about it. I've also grown out of making signatures and all that and started to create banners for several local bands so that's cool for me. hoepfully everything prospers here and I love you all, kinda.

oh, zman, at spring let's go to KK's house. if you don't end up visiting austrailia.

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Sorry to see you go, but thanks for considering bringing FFN members here.. I know it's died down here lately.. but I'll revive it soon as real life permits me to.. if it ever does.. lol.. sadly time seems to be flying by, and soon I'll have a job and even less time. O.o Oh well I'll find time to make time for FM soon. See you, and check back sometimes ya heard? lol.

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