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  1. Thanks, I just try and do whatever suits the stock best.
  2. 'Nother request from another forum.
  3. *wipes off the blood on her sword on Exire's still twitching corpse* In fairness to me, I had no freakin' idea what to do with that stock. Meanwhile, glad you liked them; it's been a while since I did an anime sig so I'm happy they turned out okay. And you probably could have it but you'd have to ask Deceptacon.
  4. Ta (I like the coloured version more too, I think), it was fantastic stock and I was happy to be able to do something with it, though I mostly just enhanced it and added a little bit here and there blah blah blah at least I didn't ruin it and knew when to stop. Ahem, anyway I made these for someone on another forum.
  5. Nice colours and composition, a little dark but I understand it's probably meant to be like that. 8/10
  6. SE got lots of practice at milking a game for all it's worth from FFVII. I don't know how it will end, and as long as it proves profitable I doubt it ever will.
  7. Cyber - Ummm... perhaps the W could've been a different colour, it blends in with the background too much. WAIW - It's a good stock to try and make something from, and I like the yellow bit to the right of her arm, but the pink really, really, really doesn't work. It could also benefit from a bit of cropping, the space on the right just looks too empty. 5/10
  8. Levelling up gives you access to different items and spells from monsters, better ones mostly. As long as you junction you characters correctly it really doesn't matter what level you're at because you'll always be a lot stronger than your opposition, so you don't really need to worry about your opponents getting too strong. It is good to be able to get those items though. lol.
  9. Elnoyle is actually inside the city. You have to talk to the shadowy, hunched over hobo person to fight him, but you can battle him as many times as you like. The snowfield is just one of the snowy areas just outside Trabia Garden. If you want to get your characters to level up very quickly, I suggest the Degenerator trick. Have Quistis learn Degenerator from a Black Hole item if you haven't already, get her to the point where she'll be able to easily access her limit break and, if you can, give her a GF with the Initiative ability. Then go to either the Island Closest to Heaven or the Island Closest to Hell and get into as many random encounters as you want. At the start of each battle, have Quistis use Degenerator to instantly kill all the enemies and you get mucho-big-heap EXP for the battle. The only downside is that this requires you to have Quistis in our party the whole time, as well as Squall so once they reach 100 you can only raise one other character at a time. The upside is that you can level up supremely quickly.
  10. When it comes to getting items from monsters, either by them dropping them or by muggin them, there are generally a couple of items that they'll drop but the chances of each one occurring are different, i.e. some are rare, some are common like lots of other games. Try the Blue Dragons on Trabia Snowfield, there should be a 229/256 chance that they'll drop a Dragon Fang. As for the Energy Crystals, I don't know about the Island Closest to Heaven, I always got them from battling Elnoyle in Esthar. If you haven't encountered him yet, he's a hunched over figure sitting on the edge of one of the walkways. If you can't find him, enter somewhere to reset the field and then go and look again. If you're at level 100 it should be a sure thing that he'll drop an Energy Crystal.
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