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Another new guy in town


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I'm Squ, and I was told to drop by and pay a visit here. I've already

started looking around what this nice looking forum has to offer.

Perhaps I'll make some new friends here (or meet a new rival).

Whatever it'll be, I'm hoping things will be interesting for everyone.

Well, that's it for my little introduction. Now I'm going to read about

rules and stuff and see if I can bend a couple (hehe, j/k).

- Squ.

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Hey Squ, xD welcome to the forums. Not sure if we ever put up a clear set of rules anywhere since the restart of the forums, haha. If your looking for some of our features you can always check my signature, or at least for now, xD It has links to some of the popular, or well what I consider anyways, things to do on the forums.

Hope you enjoy your stay, and yes like Vivi said, your name does remind me of Squall too. xD Squall is my favorite FF character, so if your anything like him, then your awesome. Haha.

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