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FFN jumps to FM forums.


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Yes, Lagacty of FinalFantasy.NET has contacted me wishing to come to Forgotten Memories Forums. It seems the original owner of FFN has abandoned them, so they decided to join us here. Be nice. =P

Also some of their staff will eventually be staff here. I am also going to be revising our current staff as some of them haven't been doing their jobs.

So anyhow, hope you enjoy the boost in friendly members which you can interact with on the forums, battle in the rpg, roleplay with, convince them to join a clan, duel them in Triple Triad, or even try to beat their highscores in the arcade. ^_^

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It would be better if it was just put to unlimited, unless you have to have a limit, then put it to 500 000 000 or something, he writes too muchingly awesome.

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