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Hello from an Outdated Fan


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I was a big fan of Anime in the late 90s then work and family took up most of my time. Just recently I went to Newbury Comics and saw the anime section which reignited my passion. When I got home thought I'd try online to see what was out there and was pleasantly surprised by the number of communities out there as well as free streaming options on Hulu and YouTube for shows. This may date me a bit but I remember how the only way I could find a show was on a VHS tape an in multiple parts at that. Added up pretty fast. : ) I'm glad one of my searches turned up this forum and I look forward to getting caught up on the latest and greatest and learning more as I go.

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Crunchyroll grabs almost everything that airs in Japan now days and subtitles it legally for viewing online, lol. Then we also have some licensers over here like Sentai that aside from the first season of Clannad and such they only release subtitled Anime on DVD.

Geneon unfortunately closed a few years back from bankruptcy and well FUNimation bought the rights to most of their series and began re-releasing the majority of them which made those series easier and cheaper to obtain again. Amazon.com & RightStuf.com (yes, one f in stuff o.O) has made it easy to obtain lots of Anime for really cheap prices especially during sells. Even without sells their prices beat stores like Best Buy everyday of the week.

Anyways now that you are getting caught up just a little, welcome to Kametsu Forums!

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