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  1. After 4 long years... I'M BACK!!!

    1. Chrisazter


      Welcome back, why so much time off?

    2. Koby


      welcome back.

  2. Hey man! I'm back! How are you?

    1. RazorDan


      hey man! I'm good, how are you?

  3. Hey you all! I'm back I don't know if you can still remember me but I was an old time member here. I think the last time I posted something here is like 4 years ago. I was still a Philosophy student back then and now, I'm a law student I'm glad to see that some members I know is still here like Koby. Anyways, just want to give a shout out to those who still remember me and just want to say that it's great to be back
  4. Been watching this series since day 1 I'm thrilled to see the other characters in the Batman universe and how they mature along the way. Especially Mr. Cobblepot (Penguin) as well as Selina Kyle and Bruce. I was a bit surprised by Alfred though since I never expected him to be like that especially when it comes to young Bruce.
  5. I've been watching the Amazing World of Gumball Season 3
  6. BUMP! Old member in the house Last time I was here, I was still a Philosophy student Now, I'm a law student lols Shout out to those fellow old members who remember me!
  7. It's been a while eh? :D

  8. wish you were on more dude! whats up?

    1. apr118


      I've been busy in my studies :D But now, I'm back :) I hope we can all catch up lol

  9. Currently watching Fate Zero every week and Persona 4
  10. Yup! Actually I didn't expect her to have a baby girl with Krillin though I am aware that they wished for her to become human
  11. Try watching Steins;Gate it's really awesome
  12. 996,843 Just dropped by *there changed it >
  13. Yo everyone! It's been a long time since I last login because of my college studies (VEEEERRRRY busyyyyy!) So, as my comeback post: My favorite anime girl that I watched recently is Makise Kurisu of Steins;Gate A perfect combination of beauty and intelligence Here is a picture I have taken during my coverage in an Anime Convention:
  14. Yes! Still alive here hahaha :) Never really login for a long period of time because of college but it's all good man. How bout you?

  15. Yo Apr, all good?

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