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Erm...hello everyone


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Hey guys, I stopped trolling around the forums after I recognized some people back in SI. When I stopped, I felt left-out :P. So anyways, i'm FCC or Abu of SI.

* How did you find Forgotten Memories? Koby left the forums URL in the SI closing.

* What RPG's have you played? Many, simply can't remember them.

* What RPG's do you like? There are many kinds of RPG's...i think

* What RPG's have you beaten? Every RPG that I've played, I've always beat them.

* Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have? Yea, but rarely now and I use Photoshop CS2

* Do you have any questions? Yeah, mind telling me which members are from SI?

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Several members are from SI.. however most of SI members were either a) originated from FM to SI... or B) were members of both before SI closed. =P

Paddy, RedXIII (I think is Luneth here), MinxyMomo (here sometimes I believe), Lone_Alchemist, Azy, Blue Moon Dragoon, and lots more..

If there is someone particular you are looking for then name them.. I can tell you if they are here, and if not I might know where they are. =P

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