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hello. i'm relatively new here, too and joined for the same reason. but, i found myself logging in almost everyday now even though i'm not downloading anything (i've downloaded SOME stuff but, i don't do it everyday. :P). i just answer threads and read stories and posts. it's really very interesting here. anyway, welcome and hope you have a great time here too. :P

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uh, hi.. i don't think posts in the seed hallway are counted.. you have to post in other topics.. this is just a place where you introduce yourself.. :P

anyway, there are LOTS of interesting topics in this forum so, i don't think you'll have any problems meeting the 5-post quota.. oh, btw, you need to post something periodically to continue downloading..

it IS hard to download, encode, upload, etc.. maybe just post a thank you after downloading stuff.. well, enjoy!! :P

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