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Digimon Survive

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Posting this here because it would be denied in gaming news


Back in October of 2020 one of the producers of Digimon Survive posted a statement basically saying that the hugely anticipated game would be delayed a full year and there would be further 'exciting news updates' during the spring of the follow year (2021).


Summer started... this past Monday. So the developers basically shafted their own longing fans of news with no explanation whatsoever, broke their promise, and basically flat out lied.


Which leaves about only 3 possibilities about what the fuck is going on with this game

  1. It's been delayed another full year
  2. It's in development hell as claimed on a GameRant article I saw/found
  3. It's canceled


For me... with Bandai Namco refusing to say anything about the game, promote it, and being who they are and always trying to kill their actually good franchises... it seems likely that the game is canceled.


If you are a true Digimon fan like myself and refuse to accept this... click the link in my signature to support the new #OperationSurvive movement and get them to give us the update they promised us and now broke and lied to us all about.


It's not harassment and it is being done respectfully. Despite what literally everyone will probably tell you. The most obvious example being WithTheWill.


The simple fact of the matter is that they have basically lied and it is not harassment to want to know what is going on with the game when they broke their promise and lied about the news update.


But do whatever you want. Personally it seems like there is a 95% chance it's canceled. I will continue to support #OperationSurvive until they finally say that it's been canceled.


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Digimon Survive is a major disappointment after the long wait fans had for it. It's a visual novel style game with no English dub and really half-assed design. Was really hoping for something good. Enjoyed Cybersleuth.

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