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Final Fantasy VIII Is Getting A Remaster


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Final Fantasy VIII is getting remastered, Square Enix announced today at E3. It’ll be out this year for PS4/Xbox/PC/Switch.


Last year, when Square announced Switch and Xbox ports for many of its other Final Fantasy games including FFVII, FFIX, FFX, FFXII, Squall and crew were the odd title out. Now, it’s clear why FFVIII got short shrift—the remaster was coming.



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Well then... I didn't expect this...


I haven't really been getting the Final Fantasy 're-releases' because I've been considering them exactly that. Re-releases. Ports pretty much.


So I never got the re-releases for FF7 or FF9. Though I did get the HD version of FFX/FFX-2. Though that was kind of an exception because the HD version of those games are pretty much the PAL re-releases that had extra content/more super bosses (which I probably won't attempt but still).


Besides I like physical stuff and I don't like digital stuff. As far as I know, the FF7 and FF9 re-releases didn't have physical versions and were download only or something. Even if they weren't, they were basically ports and weren't full remasters like this appears to be.


Plus... ENGLISH VOICES?! ARE THEY KIDDING?! The original did not have this at all. This alone intrigues me.


So I'm interested in getting this now but I'm still unsure. It's pretty much the same situation as FFX/FFX-2 HD. I never beat it legitimately and I cheated with GameShark and/or CodeBreaker codes. 😅


So... should I get this? I'm worried it's to hard to beat legitimately... 😰

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People are stating battles are still locked at 15fps... and with the no voice overs (as expected), and backgrounds untouched... this quickly looks like nothing more than a quick cash grab. Only difference between the regular edition and this is the new character models. They're treating it as a separate entry on Steam, so no discount for owners of the original. Release date is September 3rd, priced at a very steep $19.99.


I'll just wait for a fan mod to be applied to to either add the new character models to the original version or to add the fan mod that vastly improved backgrounds to the "remaster" once it hits a good sale at about 50% off or so.

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