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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT coming to PC as free-to-play on March 12


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Square Enix announced the 3v3 crossover brawler, made with Dead Or Alive developers Team Ninja and released on PlayStation 4 in 2018, is coming to PC as a free-to-play edition.


Because reasons, characters from across the games and worlds of Final Fantasy are coming together to give each other a right kicking. You can see the lineup on the game’s site, and more are yet to come.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition is coming to PC via Steam on March 12, the same day that a F2P version hits PS4 too.


Square Enix say it’ll have a rotating lineup of free characters everyone can use and players will be able to pay to unlock characters and weapons for keepsies. The big question with all free-to-play games, of course, is how much you’ll need to spend to get the good stuff – in either cash for microtransactions or time for grind.

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  • Koby changed the title to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT coming to PC as free-to-play on March 12
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50 minutes ago, Tanis said:

It's a weird choice, given how cheap the game is used.

They probably figure they can make more money on "unlockables" than the base game. Seems the free-to-play edition locks a lot of the core game and characters. They can continue to pump out new things to entice people to pay to unlock more.

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