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Square Enix Announces Treasure Hunting RPG “Last Idea” For Smartphones for Spring 2019


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Square Enix announced a new smartphone game called Last Idea. it is described as a “Treasure Hunting RPG” where you take on the role of a novice Treasure Hunter alongside a mysterious girl with amnesia.


Check out a teaser trailer for Last Idea:


In Last Idea, you play as a novice Treasure Hunter protagonist who encounters a mysterious girl with amnesia named Crecia. Its gameplay is described as a hack ‘n’ slash with simple controls for smartphones.


The story starts out with the protagonist getting a tip from their fortuneteller friend about some treasure hidden in a place called the “Silent Castle.” Upon arrival, darkness covers the sky and monsters begin to assault the Silent Castle before their eyes. Just as the party was about to give up on the treasure and return, they spot a girl on the castle balcony, moments away from getting attacked by the monsters. And from there, the rescue begins.


The main character designs are being handled by Gaou who worked on Fantasy Earth Genesis as well as some art for Fire Emblem Heroes. The music is being handled by Shota Kageyama who previously worked at Game Freak as a composer and sound leader across various Pokémon games since 2009, which he continues to do as part of his own company SPICA MUSICA that was founded in 2014.


The animation production is being handled by studio A-CAT.


Last Idea launches in Japan in Spring 2019 for iOS and Android.

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4 minutes ago, Pizza Cat said:

I'm going to need to see some gameplay before forming a decent opinion. It sounds like it could be good and the artwork in that trailer looks nice. 

Never been a fan of mobile gaming...


But yeah we've seen nothing about the gameplay so far. \o/

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