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Lighthearted english dubbed anime recommendations please

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I'm in need of something lighthearted to watch. It needs to be dubbed and preferably something with a bunch of comedy, some action and maybe some romance. Some examples of things I've watched include date a live 1 2 and what has been dubbed of 3, rosario + vampire, hayate the combat butler to name a few.

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I would recommend ..


The Devil is a Part-Timer - surprisingly good and light-hearted with some action.

Chihayafuru S1 + S2 - a very good sports "board game" light hearted drama with a pinch of romance

Hyouka - recently got a dub and is very good

My Love Story!! - a very good light hearted romance



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It has been a while since I last saw any anime, so I'll try my best:

Samurai Champloo (more action)

School Rumble (little action, if any)

Devil is a Part-Timer

Chivalry of a Failed Knight

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka (No romance)

Gurren Lagann

Soul Eater (action, little romance)

Summer Wars (movie)

Assassination Classroom (no romance)

A Certain Series (?)

Full Metal Panic Series (S2 is hilarious)

Amagi Brilliant Park

GATE Series

High School DxD Series

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (maybe?)

One Punch Man

WATAMOTE (doesn't really fit the bill, but I recommend)

Baka and Test Series (guess really fits your requirements)

Blood Lad (cliffhanger!!!)

Cromartie High School (probably, yes?)


That should give you at least a few!?

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