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A Leader Is A Dealer In Hope

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Hello everyone. I know you might all be wondering why i made a new account. Well I had forgotten my password, then I used the forgot password feature and the link it gave me didn't work. It just led to the front page of the forums. So I do beg your pardon Koby. If you wish to delete this account or the other then please feel free to do so. :]

Well! On to the introduction!

I'm Napoleon Bonaparte also known as Napoleon Bonaparte at UFFSite and Final Fantasy Insider. Well I've never been great at introductions, so i'll just leave this as is. I hope to stumble across some of you in the forums.

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Hmm...what to do what to do. :] Would you mind if I kept this account and delete my old one? I would rather have a fresh start then going back to my old account. But if you want me to go back to my old one, then so be it. :] Oh and I can't read PM's right now either. :]

LOL... I didn't know you couldn't read PM's.. I thought you would only not be able to make them... Well your old account has all your posts under it, your postcount, etc.. everything associated to you. But if you want to restart thats your choice.

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