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How much of Yu-Gi-Oh! have you seen?

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And I'm referring to the dub.


Duel Monsters - 224 episodes complete

Capsule Monsters - 12 episodes complete

GX, 5Ds, Zexal, Arc-V and the 3 movies - not yet seen so far.


Opinion wise, if I pretend that Noah's Arc is non-existent (and for some reason it was referred to as part of Enter the Shadow Realm in the dub's intro...), then the first 3 seasons were top notch. Even I prefer Dungeon Dice Monsters as annoying it may have been, but I seriously couldn't stand Noah's stalker-ish behavior and his deus ex machina powers. Maybe evil Marik wasn't so bad after all cuz even he was too strong, but his voice was a source of humor for some reason.


Waking the Dragon in my eyes was the start of a steady decline. The excessive shoehorning of the oricalcos, the total destruction of Mai's character... bleh.


Grand Championships was the only good part of S5, and although it was short-lived, it wasn't nearly as good as Battle City. The problem here was that dueling was no longer the main focus, and the lack of variety in Capsule Monsters and barely any duels in Dawn of the Duel demonstrates this issue. 

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I saw all of Duel Monsters 224 episodes, Capsule Monsters 2 Movies / 12 episodes, the 2 or 3 specials/ovas, and the two movies.

And I even watched Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh!, the original 24 episode series and it's movie.

Also saw all of GX and 5Ds including the OVAs/specials for them and even the movie.


Dropped Zexal after 24 episodes and dropped Arc-V after 1 episode. Never checked out VRAINs.


GX is my favorite. Sucks to hell that 4Kids decided to skip the final season.


The original YGO was good, but Duelist Kingdom played by some totally screwed up rule system and the entire Oricalos thing was dumb and ruined some characters for me. While Bakura was mostly ignored and Tristan and Tea relegated to just being cheerleeders.


5D's was okay but definitely started the downhill trend of the YGO franchise and kind of shit on all the side-characters besides Crow. Best Girl ended up just being a cheerleeder.

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