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Law of Ueki or Flame of Recca?

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I want to start collecting one of these two manga's. Both sound interesting, and i will eventually get both. But i would like to start with the better of the two first. To put it into perspective, my favorite shonen anime is YuYu Hakusho. I like it because the fights are good, the characters are interesting, and the villains are three dimensional.


If possible i would also love for you to tell me which volume the first major story arc ends for each series.

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Flame of recca has better art, but Ueki has more memorable story and fights imo.
So I suggest ueki.

Plus, the anime adapted the manga fully. 

I'm not sure where you want to stop for this first major story arc, but

  1. for ueki, if you want to read until they gather all the team members for the next part of the tournament, Vol. 10.
  2. for Recca, the part where the anime decided to end instead, Vol. 16. (tfw no sequel :( )

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I would highly recommend Saike Mata Shite mo  if you really like Law of Ueki. It's the same artist/author that's currently running.

I would also recommend Gash Bell/Zatch Bell if you're looking for more good shonen battle manga.

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