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      [CRITICAL] DNS resolution error   03/17/2018

      We recently switched nameservers for the kametsu.com domain. The domain's registrar did not correctly handle this transition (it did not respect the zone parameters whatsoever), and this caused a DNS resolution error with some DNS resolvers (such as with Google's public DNS, ISP-run DNS resolvers, etc). If you are just now seeing this after finally being able to reconnect to the site, you have my sincerest apologies, I couldn't have anticipated that the registrar would muck the transition up. Otherwise, the site's been fully functional without issues. If there are any problems to report, please PM me.
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Online Gaming Fatigue

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I am probably using the wrong word for this, but am I the only one who feels sick and tired of the communities in so many games that have nothing but toxic levels of hate for most every other gamer? Where people treat new players like total garbage when they themselves were once just as new? And it seems like the toxicness is spreading to social media too which makes me glad I never got much into a lot of it. It seems every time you read an article, no matter what it is about, you get people calling each other libratards, trumptards, and so many other things. I'm American, but all this hatefulness and division makes me worry about the future of our country and the human race if this keeps up. We won't have to worry about being nuked or anything because all these people will end up just killing each other if something isn't done to stop it.

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