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Boyfriend/Girlfriend thread

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If one exists, then it's probably old.


I've been single all my life, though I had 3 cases where it was "so close yet so far away". The rest were just huge embarassments to me because much of the girls I've met since 2010 all came to me with the story that they already have a special someone or they're married.


I did meet a nice hispanic chick months ago and though she was single, we didn't click so it wasn't worth the bother. There was a Jamaican chick who already had a kid, was separated, and I was flirting a bit, but she was not interested in me and saw me as a friend. I ignored her ever since. But this one is unforgettable. This white chick, I was very unfortunate to meet her. She was a player and I asked her out, said she'd get back to me and never did. She was hot but her personality sucked, a real self centered bimbo.

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