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  1. Ha! "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1000..."
  2. Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home? Sarah McLachlan?
  3. SaurusX

    ElectricAngel's Boomerang WEB-DL Index

    Believe me when I say that you do not want the versions of Taz-Mania that are on Boomerang. Quality-wise they're below the toonslive rips that are already available here on Kametsu. As I type I'm working on a "restoration" project that combines all the different sources of Taz-Mania that I've been able to find. And I do mean combine. I'm slicing and dicing and cleaning up the episodes to create the most complete and highest quality English version of the series that is available anywhere. Far better than Boomerang. It's going to take about 3-4 weeks before I'm through, but know that things are in the works.
  4. Are there any color matching gurus available for a consult? I'm combining two clips of the same show so that one can add some missing frame space to the other. I cannot for the life of me get the colors to match. I have the following to share: 1) The two video clips 2) A 32-bit AVISynth script Anyone up for an attempt? It would be much appreciated.
  5. SaurusX

    Batman TAS S1-4

    The animation quality is generally good, but varies in both directions depending on the studio. The stories themselves are great. Excellent Batman material.
  6. I got the package today. It came in a long box with the poster rolled up in a tube. I definitely don’t need the poster, but whatever. It’s a bonus.
  7. I, too, ordered from Shout Factory. Guess I’m not important enough.
  8. I got my shipping notification yesterday. How did these people get theirs so early?
  9. SaurusX

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    Am I understanding that @TheOneWhoSees is able to direct download from Boomerang? There are a lot of cryptic posts in this thread.
  10. SaurusX

    Oh, VOB Source... wtf?

    I think you’ve been very lucky in your past dealings with DVD-sourced material. Outside of the Hollywood studios it’s been my experience that it’s rare to find an animated DVD encoded with soft telecine. That is, the video is stored on the disc at 23.976 progressive, but displayed at 29.97 interlaced. Another rarity is the disc using a single VOB file for each episode so that they’re all 1GB. Much more common is hard telecine with varying episode lengths spread out over two VOBs. Maybe it’s more common with anime, though.
  11. SaurusX

    Oh, VOB Source... wtf?

    To me, what you did is the “normal” way.
  12. SaurusX

    Avisynth Script Help?

    @Hark0n, that is something I didn't consider. The blu-ray authoring process might have been flawed and the incorrect color matrix used. It's not the first time that's happened. It's very tricky to determine what the colors should be unless you're sure you have a correct reference. In this case, I guess @Arian does.
  13. SaurusX

    Avisynth Script Help?

    If you're decoding a blu-ray file directly then it should already be 1920x1080, so I'm not sure how it's getting resized in your script. What about using lsmash as the frame server?
  14. To me, MT_convolution is the "old" way of dehaloing. It's more of a blurring filter, but I think the mask is probably mitigating the worst of it. You've eliminated all of the halos, but also softened the lines. At this point all I ever use is Dehalo_alpha (with contra-sharpening), dehalohmod (altered for special cases), and finedehalo. And for deinterlacing with QTGMC I'd use the "sourcematch=2" and "lossless=1" or "lossless=2" flags to preserve the original fields.
  15. SaurusX

    Avisynth Script Help?

    Just make sure that both your horizontal and vertical image dimensions are an even number (i.e. mod 2). Also, why are you converting to Rec601? By HD specifications, all high def material should be Rec709 or else you're going to have unwanted color shifting when the media device decodes the image. The tweak command is already shifting the colors and should be your main adjustment knob.