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  1. Sounds like I had different priorities. But my advice wasn’t just directed at you, though you did help me notice this thread.
  2. I feel where you guys are coming from. When I was younger I would be paralyzed around females and for the most part avoided situations where I might interact. Since I was an introvert, but wanted more than anything to get laid, it took a decided effort for me to overcome this. I knew I would fail multiple times, but I just came to the conclusion that it was how things had to be. Gird your ego for some crushing defeats. I remember one disastrous phone call with me stuttering my way through (never heard back from her) and then some really bad dates (do people still do that?), but not as many as you might think. The solution was two-prong. One, get confidence in yourself. A large issue for me was body image, so I started working out, but not crazy. Three times a week at the gym makes a HUGE difference both physically and mentally. Just do what you can to clean yourself up like you would do if you were selling your used car. YMMV, since I had a buddy in college who was a total slob yet reeled in so many girls it made me insane with envy. Two, realize that women are just people and there are billions of them in the world. It may sound cynical, but there is no special "one" out there for you, but likely millions. Is your thing Pokemon? I saw a cute girl at the library last week decked out in her Pokemon hunting clothes with a charazard poking out of the top of her backpack. Those chicks are out there and there are lots of them. Anyway, that's my advice. It's always easier said than done.
  3. The young stoner directionless character types have some relevance to me.
  4. Just go with winxbloom. Mild color correction and broadcast audio. Apparently it’s cropped a few pixels, but the image is more stabilized as a result. To me, it’s a net gain. Done and done until something revolutionary comes along.
  5. Why is the animation so choppy? Style my ass. It’s called cheaping out.
  6. Judging from the picture... boobs?
  7. I stopped watching when I heard they were renewed for three seasons in one go. That was probably five years ago. I’d already had enough. Still, it’s probably the most tolerable multicam sitcom, though that’s not saying much.
  8. @PlodJoe Return of the Joker uncut is 4:3. That is the aspect ratio that it was originally animated at and the 16:9 DVD version is cropped.
  9. The third season, yes. The first two were cel-based.
  10. I agree with everyone about not needing some useless figurines. But what’s the price in any case?
  11. Ha! "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1000..."
  12. Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home? Sarah McLachlan?
  13. The animation quality is generally good, but varies in both directions depending on the studio. The stories themselves are great. Excellent Batman material.
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