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  1. I believe I heard the Blu rays are just bad upscales. Edit: well, I did a search and maybe it's not such a terrible upscale after all. Looks decent, but still frames are always different from motion.
  2. There exists the problem of both the US and UK DVDs not having the best transfers. And that's putting it lightly. Season 1 is especially bad on both. I do agree, though, that better rips are possible compared to what else is out there currently.
  3. I know nothing about the show other than the story of the troll drawing all of the characters as white caucasians and the resulting enraged fans. It makes me not want to watch it.
  4. Can you elaborate on what you mean by 384p? DVD's only hold 720x480 NTSC and 720x576 PAL.
  5. I checked the DVD's I bought at a comic convention and they're crap. I've downloaded better copies of this show, but with intrusive watermarks.
  6. There's the one batch of VHS rips that seem to be the only source for this show. I've never found the originals, but I do have DVD encodes of the VHS. Thinking about it, these DVDs could have used the original tapes. I don't know. As a side note, the voice of the captain was Jerry "Michael Garibaldi" Doyle from Babylon 5.
  7. True. It MAY be able to choose a better sequence of frames compared to simply taking the top field of every frame. I can see it going that way, but it's a bad situation no matter what and really comes down to personal preference.
  8. Yes, I'm talking about the 29.97—> 25 case. Animeivtc(mode=2) is srestore, but it's parameters are chosen for you. The entire point of srestore is to be a deblender for norm conversions. If you cannot ever return to a progressive clip (like in the case of a telecined 29.97 -> 25 PAL DVD) then srestore is useless. Every field in the PAL DVD is going to be a blend of fields from the NTSC source. My solution in that case would be to deinterlace with QTGMC and use fpsdivisor=2. That's the best you can do by eliminating the interlacing artifacts, but the blends cannot be removed.
  9. You're right about the frame rate divisor. I meant what you wrote. But in the case of that last code example, you're better off not running srestore at all and just using the 25fps source if you absolutely have to. There are many cartoon series like this (e.g. RoboCop and Inhumanoids). Only use srestore if it's possible to return to some semblance of progressive video.
  10. Keep in mind that if it's fully field blended (as in a 29.97fps -> 25fps conversion) then srestore will not work. And it's very picky as to what parameters you set. In the event that it was a 24fps -> 25fps (without speed up) you'd need: srestore(frate=23.976) #trying to use 24/1001 doesn't work in m experience or for a 25fps -> 29.97fps you'd need: srestore(frate=25) As you see, you're always changing the frame rate back to what it was before the conversion. The best advice is to not use PAL at all, but some NTSC DVD's use PAL sources, so it may be unavoidable. Really though, since this is anime, just get the R2 disc. All your headaches will disappear.
  11. Inverse telecine and deinterlacing problems cannot be diagnosed and solved from still frames. Post a sample of the VOB to videohelp.com and you'll get the help you need. I can tell you that if you're actually deinterlacing and you still get ghosting then the source is field blended. In that case your options become very limited.
  12. I'm not. Detelecine (aka inverse telecine) should be set to "Default" if your intention is to return the source back to its original frame rate (e.g. 29.97 -> 23.976). Deinterlace should be set to "Decomb" in order to handle residual interlaced frames due to orphaned fields or inability to match fields. The Decomb Preset determines the deinterlace method with "bob" being the simplest / fastest.
  13. I know Handbrake uses unconventional names for all of their processes contrary to what the rest of the video community uses. For instance, they used to call inverse telecine "detelecine", but I'm not sure if that's what they still use. What your setting of "Decomb" is doing is looking at each frame and deciding if there are residual interlace artifacts. If not it leaves the frame alone and if there are it bobs it. This is a very common method of handling residual interlacing. There is no such thing as a full resolution bobbing method. Is this setting doing any sort of frame decimation by discarding the extra copied frames or is it turning an interlaced 29.97fps source into a progressive 29.97fps?
  14. I did the encode below and believe me when I tell you that it's the best you'll find on the internet. https://kametsu.com/topic/57631-mega-conan-the-adventurer-480p-dvdrip-webrip/#comment-532078
  15. The DVDs are shit.