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  1. Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    SuperResXBR produces a better image. Using MeGUI, 10-bit encoding is a simple checkbox on the first tab of the encoder settings window.
  2. Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    The size of the end video could be 70+GB if you encode it losslessly, but that's crazy. It's under your control with the settings you use. And I don't know what those filters do as I'm not familiar with PowerDirector, but given the library of filters available for AVISynth I'm sure there's something like it. In the end, though, my answer to your original question is I think Waifu2x is great, but the time suck doesn't make it worth it. Not when there are near-equivalent alternatives. If you use Waifu2x won't you have to switch to using VapourSynth anyway? Unless there's another implementation of it that I'm not aware of, the answer is yes.
  3. Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    File size is a result of the original video, the filters applied, and then the encoder settings. You can affect the latter two significantly to control the resulting file size. You can make the final file size 50MB and 1080p if you want to, but the quality will be terrible. As to which filters to use that's entirely dependent on the what you're trying to do. If you're upscaling I've learned that you really have to get the video as clean as possible first. Get rid of noise, dot crawl, rainbows, dropouts, etc. And do that without destroying the detail. It's all a balancing act.
  4. Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    Lanczos is a resizer, not an upscaler. That being said, Waifu2x looks great, but is not worth the machine time IMO. You can get near equivalent (better or worse is in the eye of the beholder) by using real upscalers such as SuperResXBR or even nnedi3 and the clever application of filters. This is working in AVISynth. The compute time and the corresponding results make it worth it.
  5. I’ll buy it on blu-ray for sure. Gotta support this kind of thing.
  6. Splitting in MeGui

    Use the trim(x,y) command to reference the start (x) and the end (y) frames you want to encode. Separately, use the audio cutter program in megui to slice up the audio stream using the same frame numbers as parameters.
  7. They’re being paid aren’t they? They’re happy to get the business.
  8. What upscaling method did you use? Always curious to see what peoples’ choice is when it comes to that.
  9. Usagi Yojimbo Series Announced

    Sweet. http://kidscreen.com/2018/02/06/unleashing-usagi/
  10. why h.264 better then h.265 in Koto no ha no niwa

    I said x265, not H265. There’s a difference.
  11. why h.264 better then h.265 in Koto no ha no niwa

    Does any of that change the fact that x265 isn’t ready for prime time? People will switch to HEVC en masse once the available (free) encoders are up to snuff. But then I still see xvids being released for some reason.
  12. I'll just leave this here: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/130323
  13. I'll have to disagree with the above poster. But in regards to the OP's question, if you want quality upscaling then you'll have to use AVISynth with SuperResXBR or VapourSynth with Waifu2x/SuperRes. I hope you have a real hoss of a CPU and video card to crunch on the encoding. Handbrake is just a simple point-and-click encoder with few options beyond denoising and IVTC/deint method. I thought FFMPEG was just a decoder, but I'm likely wrong there.
  14. Tubi tv-Has anyone heard of it or tried it?

    I've downloaded both Conan the Adventurer and G.I. Joe Sigma Six from Tubi. Unfortunately, I did it the hard way before I knew about youtube-dl. I looked at the network stream, identified the file fragment naming conventions, and then used a free download manager to copy and paste all of my manually-created URL's. No dependencies or anything else of the sort was needed.
  15. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    Do these DBZ projects ever actually finish? I've never seen it done.