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  1. Always use mpeg2source as your frame server in AVISynth. If you use anything else you WILL get out of sequence frames every so often. Anyway, here’s your idea: SeparateFields() evn=SelectEven().Dup(threshold=8, maxcopies=1, blend=true, show=false) odd=SelectOdd().Dup(threshold=8, maxcopies=1, blend=true, show=false) interleave(evn,odd) Weave() lower the the Dup factor if you find you’re missing very small movements. You’ll get less effective dot crawl removal though. Full disclosure: this code is lifted from a videohelp post that I remembered reading.
  2. Just get the IVTC right, please. So many streaming services seem to really bork up that crucial part.
  3. Jumanji Animated Series - NEW US DVDs

    Szimek’s comparison easily settles it. The web-dL is inferior.
  4. Extreme Ghostbusters Hulu

    You mean the link in this post?
  5. I see what you mean. This seems to be very very common on PAL DVD's There's never any offsetting to the rest of the image. I think it's similar to closed captioning information on NTSC video. It's a non-issue.
  6. The solution is to only use PAL if you have to. Almost everything (except BBC stuff) originates in NTSC so when you deal with PAL you're dealing with material that has already been converted. Sometimes it's converted badly. Post some pictures of what you see. Or even better post a small clip extracted from dgindex (i.e. material you haven't encoded yet).
  7. NeoGAF is NeoDEAD

    Owner is accused of sexual harrassment. Apparently there were a couple of situations, but they were all swept under the rug. In the current climate he's been outed and there was a mass exodus of moderators and users shitposting in order to get their accounts permabanned. Many users banned in the past for tiny infractions are celebrating the fall of probably the largest video game-centric forum on the net. I was a member and stayed out of the politics stuff as it seemed like any straying into those topics (and not having the "correct" outlook) would cause trouble. It was a good place for actually talking about games though.
  8. [REQ] Toy Story of Terror

    I missed ABC's airing of it this past Thursday. Can anyone upload Toy Story of Terror, the Halloween special?
  9. Recompressed with mpeg2? You’re killing the quality. What a shame.
  10. Deinterlace anime avisynth...

    For the Total Drama episode this is the best solutiion, I think: assumetff() QTGMC(preset="slower",sourcematch=3,lossless=2,tr2=0,edimode="nnedi3") srestore(frate=23.976,speed=-1, cache=10) Not much you can do regarding the ghost lines. It's a bad PAL transfer.
  11. Kids' WB airing of "Beauty and the Beach" (Pokémon)

    Sorry, but he sounds like a tool bag. If he has it in digital then it's a trivial effort to share it. It's obvious he doesnt want to.
  12. [REQ] Spider-man: The Animated Series [BDRIP]

    I believe I heard the Blu rays are just bad upscales. Edit: well, I did a search and maybe it's not such a terrible upscale after all. Looks decent, but still frames are always different from motion.
  13. X-Men The Animated Series (1992)

    There exists the problem of both the US and UK DVDs not having the best transfers. And that's putting it lightly. Season 1 is especially bad on both. I do agree, though, that better rips are possible compared to what else is out there currently.
  14. anyone else not see the appeal of steven universe

    I know nothing about the show other than the story of the troll drawing all of the characters as white caucasians and the resulting enraged fans. It makes me not want to watch it.