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  1. ADC can kiss my grits in any case.
  2. This is so pie in the sky that I don't know whether or not to be in awe of its level of ambition or just shake my head.
  3. I have DVD's of this show and it's on my list of things to do.
  4. I've encoded the first season, so I'll upload that soon.
  5. With nyaa going down it makes me glad that I snagged the Patlabor blu ray rips just before
  6. I'd like to see comparisons between the WEB-DLs and the DVDRips. Instead of poo-pooing Tuna's efforts we should see how the iTunes episodes look. Likely, they're superior to the encodes done years ago.
  7. I was going through my old burned DVD's (many from 10+ years ago) to compare what I had in the archives to what was available on Kametsu. I came to find that many of my old discs are completely unreadable! I even used multiple drives to check. These are Taiyo Yuden-made Verbatim brand discs, so I didn't cheap out on media. They simply have bad disc rot. This is, of course, pretty distressing as I have a lot of video material that I was hoping to conserve for the long-term. I guess I need to move to a NAS setup? What are other peoples' solutions? As it is, I'm going through my archives, keeping what works, discarding (and hopefully replacing) what doesn't. It sucks.
  8. I really enjoyed season 1. Great animation and a cool creepy vibe with the stories. I never got back to it for season 2 though. Hmmm....