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Is a 2DS XL Worth It?

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I was debating buying a Nintendo 2DS XL, I don't really care for the 3D component so don't need the 3DS, but I was wondering if it is worth it?


Are they going to stop making it or supporting a digital store anytime soon now that the Switch is out?


Is there any huge problems with the hardware like I've heard about the Switch like not being able to play while charging or scratching easy?


Are there many games like Neptunia, Shantae, Final Fantasy or Dot Hack on it?

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Nintendo won't stop supporting the 3ds lineup since it still sells pretty well. However there's not going to be a lot of new games on it, the only one i can think of that is upcoming is Luigi's mansion. The eshop will probably last a long time, since the wii's eshop hasn't closed down yet (going to close in January of 2019). There hasn't been any hardware problems with the new 2ds xl that im aware of, and the 2 hardware problems you listed with the switch, isn't affecting a lot of switch (my switch certainly does play when charging). Can't give much game recommendations, as the only games i got for my 2ds were the core pokemon games, and the 2 pokemon mystery dungeon games.

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