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Greetings from Swiss


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Hi there


I sorted my bookmarks and found your url in it


Seems to be a good team here


I did fansub around 20 years ago on XDCC (few times later also but for web) and seeding for teams recently till nyaa felt down


My favorite animes are : 3x3 eyes, ghost hound, death note (thx for the ost, I discovered Maximum the Hormones), Captain Harlock, Ghost in the Shell


My favorite games : I'm no more a gammer, I did tournament in Swiss with Quake, Half Life, Duke Nukem, Day of Defeat and Counter Strike (with my Apple II I never sleep with Wizardry, Ultima, Bards Tales and so one, mainly RPG even it was good stuff with wargames and simulations)


My hobbies : reading, esoteric stuffs


Make any grafics ? I dont understand the question, if it's using Gimp for example so no also because I am blind color


Greeting from Swiss



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