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I've read first chapter of seven deadly sins manga

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It reminds me so much of dragon ball how the girl finds a boy who's trying to find the 7 dragon balls and she finds it in the boy's home tells him what the dragon balls do and they go an adventure to find them.


In seven deadly sins the girl who's is trying find the seven deadly sins and finds the boy in his home bar tells him the story about seven deadly sins what she heard from her father as a child then the boy tells her his name  and she was surprised she found one of them and the boy says let's the rest of the seven deadly sins together.


does it sound familiar?


im starting like seven deadly sins manga do you think should I continue reading it or not





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Watch anime and then start reading the manga where the first season ends. I m telling u this because the series has a really good music and most of all you will get the hang of tone of dialogue of different characters. This way you might enjoy the manga more (at least i did)

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^yeah, i did the same thing (binged the anime, then binged the manga), though that being said - finding the manga online is somewhat difficult since it's been licensed in all the usual places and the sites in which the manga is hosted are pretty low grade (as in, chapters are not necessarily in order, or translations are off). mangastream does a pretty great job on recent chapters, but they only go so far back as ~4 chapters from the most recent one and those farther back are deleted.


in any case, the anime made me a big fan of the fairy deadly sin since he was voiced by fukuyama jun (who, oddly, i hadn't heard in a while so it was nostalgic to hear his voice as a fat man and a little boy - not the bombs)

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