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  1. Guillermo31

    One Piece FUNimation Dub Discussion

    Well one piece funimation dub episode one through 324 was good when Mike McFarland was the voice or adr director but after that he left to do other programs and it just started to fall apart they didn’t took their time or effort and patience with it like they with previous ones funimation just got lazy and rush it way too fast all just to make that $$$$
  2. Guillermo31

    I've read first chapter of seven deadly sins manga

    I have the manga Volume 1-15
  3. Guillermo31

    I like to re watch tenchi muyo

    I think I saw pretty little Sammy back in the day I like to see it tho
  4. I don’t know if you guys knew this but half the cast of Johnny test were in anime like black lagoon and ocean dub dbz
  5. Guillermo31

    Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    sometimes with the anime you can’t tell if some of the episodes are filler
  6. Guillermo31

    Gintama (Entire Franchise) Discussion

    I do it’s still funny as hell to my favorite one is Armstrong cannon
  7. Guillermo31

    Hello I need help

    I'm using cyko program to make smaller encodes into MP4 like I did with dragon ball z kai but I downloaded from @Beave and @Nabull yu yu hakusho encodes to make them to smaller encodes all of sudden I got this red sentence saying " if attempting to benchmark psner! [matroska,web @ 0x4760050] too many streams" I don't know what means after I finished encoding the first episode with that sentence then I watched the episode in how it looked it looked great but the audio seem off you can hear it and it stop hear it again and stops I'm like what the hell is going on. I didn't have a problem with the other anime That I have done while using cyko program but with yu yu hakusho anime 960p i don't know what's wrong with it i like To use single audio with that program
  8. someone to create subs
  9. I'm letting you guys know that I'm getting all 243 episodes of Dr.Slump Arale-Chan anime they're not in English subtitles and it's in Japanese language it will take me time to get them do you know anyone who can help me with the subtitles
  10. I watch it since 2005 then I let my little brother watch it with me since he was 2 he liked it
  11. Does the show skips a lot of chapters of it or doesn't because I've seen on like 30 episodes in the sub version 4 years ago
  12. Are you making more seasons of it
  13. Guillermo31

    I need some assistance

    Yea I'm encoding the episodes but I'm working right now