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  1. Well the English dub of one piece from the beginning is good but now it's rushed they didn't take the time to read the dialogue and I wished mike McFarland handle dubbing again for one piece as adr director
  2. The ending
  3. Um I don't know if kubo or editors wanted to rush it to finished it
  4. Yea you should but season 3 is filler
  5. Based on the manga but original anime was good but still I know they remake the Kyoto arc into a movie
  6. Will the volume 74 have more details about really happen
  7. Could I have those sailor moon episodes too? 80 - 89.

  8. I tried it didn't work as well I forgot to mention that I have windows 10
  9. I tried didn't work
  10. I found programs to do it but no luck these programs didn't work at all
  11. I'm trying to download mr.kimiko sailor moon r nyaa torrent only episodes 80-89
  12. Is exact same music they use for spider-man animated series 90s well they were productions of saban entertainment
  13. If anyone made this topic before
  14. Where to buy them and does it have all the episodes?
  15. I told them why though is it because dbz kai dub has a better script or is it they finally able to dub dbz kai Majin buu saga I'm like come on guys it was the reason why we like dragon ball z it was kinda feeling like watching batman and super man animated series but different feeling to it. If it wasn't the for the old dub we never would have dbz kai or db super in the future think about it