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  1. this there any way for to get new episodes of the loud house 

    1. Koby


      Whatever legal streaming option there may be.

    2. Guillermo31


      Really oh thank you then

  2. I know some of you might say yea but I want make sure that’s all but how
  3. I heard something there were changes in the dub version of the first season cause of the voice actress Jamie marchi
  4. I have one piece collection 1-21 I still haven’t collected 22&23
  5. That would’ve been good if it’s based on scooby doo where are you
  6. I’m glad it’s back

  7. Well one piece funimation dub episode one through 324 was good when Mike McFarland was the voice or adr director but after that he left to do other programs and it just started to fall apart they didn’t took their time or effort and patience with it like they with previous ones funimation just got lazy and rush it way too fast all just to make that $$$$
  8. I think I saw pretty little Sammy back in the day I like to see it tho
  9. sometimes with the anime you can’t tell if some of the episodes are filler
  10. I do it’s still funny as hell to my favorite one is Armstrong cannon
  11. I'm letting you guys know that I'm getting all 243 episodes of Dr.Slump Arale-Chan anime they're not in English subtitles and it's in Japanese language it will take me time to get them do you know anyone who can help me with the subtitles
  12. Does the show skips a lot of chapters of it or doesn't because I've seen on like 30 episodes in the sub version 4 years ago
  13. Yea I'm encoding the episodes but I'm working right now
  14. I got the episodes I just remembered that about the cbox sites awhile back I got the episodes
  15. I'm trying to download dragon Ball z kai final chapters episodes it's in 3gb rapidgator link but I tried some premium link generators that don't work do you any suggestions
  16. It's been longtime since I watched it ever since it was on toonami Cartoon Network I remember some scenes of it but I feel like I'm just getting nostalgic like I did with cowboy bebop when those two anime come out late night on Cartoon Network every night
  17. Look I still like the old Funimation dub of dbz I know it was crappy dub but that's what made us like dbz in the first place I miss bulma's old voice and I think old android 18 voice came back on dbz super or kai Majin Buu saga for some reason I'm starting kinda like frieza new voice cause the new voice actor who does the frieza voice said that he's inspiration comes from Linda young does the old Funimation frieza voice
  18. Guillermo31

    One Piece

    Well the English dub of one piece from the beginning is good but now it's rushed they didn't take the time to read the dialogue and I wished mike McFarland handle dubbing again for one piece as adr director
  19. Um I don't know if kubo or editors wanted to rush it to finished it
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