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zwiebl says hello


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greetings kametsu community!


my name is zwiebl, 27, from austria and i simply love watching anime.

i also like to game (all kinds of stuff; mostly singleplayer action rpg + fps, but also some dayz, lol, ut)


i dont know what else to say here....

maybe 1 more thing:

just started learning to play piano ~10 days ago. and the reason is.... Clannad and the dango family. the song / melody... the emotions... i wanted to forget... but it didnt work... so i decided to learn the piano... to master the dango song.

and there i am now. able to play the dango one handed! (its really hard to play with both hands; could take some months / years to master^^)


in the end all i can say is... Clannad = lifechanging.


looking forward to a good time here on kametsu


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