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Wasn't there a Invisonfree forum you were part of that was called Forgotten Memories at one point? O.o [This is just me being old and I can't remember xD ] 

I don't recall Forgotten Memories ever being hosted on Invisionfree, although I had used Invisionfree in the past (like before 2005) for several different forums. What became Forgotten Memories initially called Dark Fantasy RPG and it started on Invisionfree but moved to Clicdev hosting and dropped the RPG from the name to become just Dark Fantasy. It was eventually renamed to Forgotten Memories after dying because I took almost a one year leave of absence without notice due to circumstances in life and my staff wasn't capable of maintaining it without me at the time. It remained on Clicdev for a bit and then I ended up buying a domain and hosting for it in like 2004 and moved and I can't recall ever using any free hosted board from that point.


I googled Forgotten Memories InvisionFree and oh boy, there is like 15+ boards using that name hosted there. None of them appear to be any old versions I ran though.

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