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  1. Are you Amy from AnimeSociety

  2. EvilServo


  3. Hey man sup?

    been a while, how u holdin up?

    1. Koby


      Alright. Just weathering the storm. Adjusting to new life & dealing with relationship issues.

    2. EvilServo


      Oh! New life? what ahppened tp the old one? Relationship issues, Good luck bro! if you ever wanna talk about it Im right here

      I wish all your problems get solved

  4. where ARE YOU?

  5. Servoooooooooooooooooooooo.

    1. EvilServo


      hey buddy, long time how ya been

  6. Hey!! sup man

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    2. EvilServo


      hahahaha No grand ambitions?? Man well Im working a new site yet again lol ... but this time no forums... might add if my oldmembers want it but for no NO NO ...

      any ambitions at ur end ?

    3. Koby


      Right now just enjoying life with my daughter while I can. Will get back to work when she starts school in the fall.


      Forums are / have been dying out for years. Kametsu only made it because of the user projects with downloads etc... but discussion has completely died. Things like Discord, Reddit, and 4chan seem to be the "popular" things these days.

    4. EvilServo


      Thats nice daugthers are the best thing a man can have .. ENJOY ur time bro and best wishes from my end


       yea I wish those golden time before 2010 can come when forums were just the things, FB started the porcess and Discord put the final nail on Coffin... It makes me so happy to see Kametsu always around and thanks for keeping it up....

       Im most impressed by your team always been here the old uploaders still active I think that is one major reason of kametsu's long life and I wish I keep on living


       As for my forums If I put them up I wont even put them for SEO even I would like to exclude them frombeing crawled lol... but there are ppl out there that still enjoy this one to one family like feeling

  7. EvilServo

    WOTM #005 - Winter Holiday

    No reply , this is really sad DISCORD i hate ya
  8. EvilServo

    Naruto VS Onepiece

    One piece
  9. Benn a long time, still ALIVE but only a few know :D

  10. Day in and day out , my life is hazy like mountains in clouds 


  11. Where the hell is animebanter?

  12. Hey its you Sara? right ? been a while how you been?