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old timer coming back?


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Hello everyone,


Hmm... introductions, eh? Well, let me start off by saying that I'm an old timer from cartoon world. I used to visit often, but then dropped to just once every few months. It was VERY surprising (and shocking!) to see that CW has closed.


It's probably rude to say this, but I was a leecher back in CW. To a degree, I like to think that I made up for it by donating small amounts whenever I could spare the cash. Today, I was just in a mood for some new anime and it was VERY surprising to see that CW has moved.


What happened? Is Sakura still around? (the old admin back on CW. Don't remember the full name)


As for personal details ... I'm male, over 20 years old and prefer to be as anoynomous as I can be.


Any special rules I need to be aware about? Or can I think of this place as CW? Additionally, do we have a "mature/adult" subsection here? (Yes, I'm a pervert...)



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Sakura is around, yes. So is Valdereag and Kenpachi_91. Pretty much all the C-W regulars have moved here.


What happened? C-W forums had been dying for years. C-W forums used old shitty outdated software. It was buggy, and they got tired of spambots etc... then there was all the bugs/errors with the database and shit basically could not be fixed. So a solution came to emerge. Sakura and Valdereag came to me and discussed merging C-W into my own community which was in some ways more active, and actually older. After talks, it was decided to give all C-W users a month notice to copy anything they wanted to move over and do so. Most people failed to obey warning and waited till forum shut down to actually give a fuck, but that's their own fault. =o


Welcome to Kametsu.

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He, he. Thanks for replying Koby. That answers up a few things.


My visits to CW had become so spaces out that it's not surprising that I totally missed the 1 month warning. A pity, I would have tried downloading some more anime if I had known. ;)


About this forum being older ... hmm... had this forum ever have a down-time before? I have this vague notion of once looking for forums similar to CW, and did come across kametsu, but when I tried visiting at the time the place was "under construction" or something. That, or I'm mixing this up with another place.


It's good to be here. Thanks again! :)

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Hello and welcome to Kametsu. I hope you enjoy your stay. Also, I'll try to answer all your questions that Koby didn't get to.


Most rules are pretty standard, you can look at the rules if you really want. Theres also a condensed version at the top if you don't want to read them all.


There is a mature board. Feel free to post, I would love to see more people in that section.


As for downloading anime, Kametsu has a pretty extensive downloads section (you can also quickly find stuff from the index pages), or also check out the IRC channel for all these bots. You can also request stuff here.


The forum has had downtime, but typically no longer than half a day. The downtime was mainly for forum software upgrades or server changes.


Either way, happy to have you!

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