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Greetings from the UK, England!


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Good day to one and all, my name is Katie and I have recently joined this anime forum. I like to join different anime forums to make new friends and have different discussions about my favourite anime, like Bleach! The other anime forums that I've joined; I am a member of Nihonomaru Forum, Anime Society, Yuumei.net, AnimeTake.com and YaoiOtaku Forums (I'm secretly a "dirty yaoi fan girl, kyaaa!" lmao!)


I was searching for a forum where I could download english dub anime lol (though I have quite a collection on DVD such as Heroic Age, Bleach, Kaze no Stigma, Aquarion, Darker than Black, Inuyasha) so thats how I found this Forum.


My top five anime would have to be the following though i have an anime list and manga list that say Ive watched hundreds so Its kinda hard choosing 5 favourites




Ace no Diamond (My new fav baseball anime; though Big Windup is still great, mainly because of the shippyness-is that what it's called?- between Mihashi and Abe lol)

Kaze no Stigma

Junjou Romantica and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (Both are yaoi animes created by the same author/production teams and are based in the same city/have same characters, I wish I had them on DVD!)



I hope I'll get along with everyone from now on! However, I have a question, when will i be able to upload an avatar/signature? Is there a place on my profile where I can Post what im like, (description of yourself, edit birthday, current occupation,what your favourite anime, music, tv show, movies) because i tried to find that section under Edit Profile but it was only editing preferences, passwords/emails :(


Thanks for your guidance in advance *bows*


Edit:- Never mind, I have found it!!! :ewhz:

Edited by KatieMH!
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