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  1. I am also watching Captain Earth, I like Mecca anime types so Ive really enjoyed this one
  2. I have added Intelligence and Cesar to the Recue to the lost of TV shows
  3. This new Yu-gi-oh series sounds like an interesting concept, for some reason though, i expected it to be english dubbed straight away as im used to watching the others this way, so i'll have to get used to seeing the japanese verson, cant wait to see this when it comes out, hope its as good as it suggests!
  4. Last manga I read recently was Afuresou na Pool and Diamond No Ace chapter 167 .......
  5. Im still watching all those that I mentioned before as well as XIII (thirteen) with Stewart Townsend, man he has changed alot from when he did Queen of the Damned movie ....
  6. Ive decided that other than Divergent, I wanna see The Legend of Hercules, Non Stop, 300 sequel, Noah, there are some really good movies out at the cimema
  7. Banned because no one seems to be getting back to me regarding my requests
  8. Just to add my two cents on it, Ender's Game is a really good action sci-fi about kids who go to space military school because they are chosen to save the world against aliens, i thoroughly enjoyed watching it, they were going to do the sequel to it but I read online that they changed their minds because it didnt do well at the box office, i wonder why?? I would have continued to do the sequl anyways because you never know; it could be better than the first one!! I wanna see Divergent, Which comes out at the Cinemas April 4th .........
  9. I'm currently watching Believe, The Black List, America's Next top Model, True Detective, The Orginals, Game of Thrones, season 2 of De Vinci's Demons (which starts next week) I wanna see Star-crossed, Bitten (which arent on Sky cable yet in the UK but they have been advertised as coming soon), The Tomorrow People US (which i have missed half of season 1 of) and the new season of Supernatural, I also want to see the new season of 24!! Jack Bauer, i miss you lol
  10. I also want to know if Kenpachi can hear the name of his Zanpektou and if that will make him more powerful by knowing it .....
  11. I'm currently listening to my playlist, which has new songs from Katy B, Christina Perri, Enrique Inglaeus ft Pitbull (Im a freak, me too lol) Rihanna (S&M come on) and Katy Perry's new song Dark Horse ;-)
  12. Wow!! Ive only been away from here for a few days but look at all the new arrivals!! Thats amazing!!
  13. KatieMH!

    Anime or Manga?

    I like to read manga rather than watch anime, especially when its about Yaoi lol but if they decided to animate a few of my yaoi series I might have a sudden change of heart!
  14. I'm currently re-reading Tad Williams series Memory, Thorn and Sorrow as well as the Psy-Changeling series by Nalini Singh
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