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  1. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5



    Promotional Anime

    1. Koby


      I just wait for [Desu]. =P

  2. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4



    Promotional Anime


  3. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3



    Promotional Anime

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Inverti


      Nicher anime have been dubbed before (even if it's promotional material), so any animated media from a franchise as humongous as Dragonball isn't likely to their have dub skipped, if you ask me.

    3. Koby


      and yet there are a ton of specials from dragon ball that never got dubbed... So yeah I doubt this gets dubbed.

    4. Inverti


      If it doesn't, then oh well. 

  4. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2



    Promotional Anime

    1. Koby


      I heard ep3 isn't until August. o.o

    2. Hayato


      One 10 minute episode a month seems ridiculous. 

  5. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1



    Promotional Anime

  6. Dragon Ball Heroes Anime!!!






    First episode releasing on 1st July.


    1. Inverti


      Welp, it's gonna be a while until I could watch it, since Dragonball is always better dubbed.

  7. Bleach Live Action Movie Trailer



    Releasing 20th July 2018 B|

    1. megajew


      Rukia looks weird

    2. Pizza Cat
    3. Inverti


      Ugh. THIS in favor of an animated final arc? Dear lord.

  8. Is it possible for you to reupload the files for Ultimate Muscle as the links have been removed from Amazon and there is no way to get them from BakaBT?

  9. Anon316

    Anon316 Archive

  10. Batman Ninja -


    Anime 2018

    1. ThePJzer


      That's fucking ridiculous.


      I love it :D

    2. DRX


      This is quite an outrageous idea, but dammit I love it too.

  11. I would recommend the following: 5 Centimeters Per Second Onegai Teacher Rurouni Kenshin
  12. Anon316

    Logan Official Trailer

    I am also looking forward to this one. Should be interesting.
  13. Anon316

    Count to 100,000

  14. Anon316

    The Count to Infinity

  15. Would you be able to upload the pika shorts if possible? The links are dead. Thanks.

    1. Anon316


      Unfortunately I don't have access to the drive that they are on and probably won't for a long while.


      If the situation changes and I manage to obtain them earlier I will keep you updated.

    2. ElementalCards