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  1. While I do enjoy Single player games like most mentioned above and I actually favour these games. Normally the Multiplayer games where you can play with upto 4 people (I believe this is where Nintendo excelled in as most of their games were designed to play with upto 4 players and all you needed was 4 controllers). These games have the most memorable moments and tend to be fun and competitive. Mario Kart Series Mario Party Series Pokemon Stadium Mini games Pokemon Battles Tournament/Pokemon Battles Tag-Team Digimon Rumble Arena/Rumble Arena 2 Digimon World Series 007 Goldeneye/Agent Under Fire/Night Fire/From Russia with Love Turok 2 Timesplitters 1/2/3/4 Call of Duty Series Medal of Honor Series Quake Series Star Fox 64/Assault WWF In Your House/Warzone/Attitude WCW/NWO Revenge/Thunder WCW Mayhem/Nitro Smackdown!/2/Just Bring It/Shut Your Mouth/Here Comes The Pain Smackdown! vs Raw Series Tekken Tag Tournament 1/2 Street Fighter EX/2/3 Street Fighter Tournament Modes Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Dead or Alive 5 Super Smash Bros/Melee/Brawl/WIIU/Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Series X-Men vs Street Fighter Ominusha Blade Warriors/Buraiden Battle Stadium D.O.N (Dragon Ball Z/One Piece/Naruto) DreamMix TV World Fighters Naruto Clash of the Ninja/Clash of the Ninja Revolution Bleach Blade Battlers/Blade Battlers 2nd Beyblade Metal Fusion Rayman Series International Track and Field Athens 2004 Wii Sports/Wii Play/Wii Party Tony Hawks Pro Skater Series Crash Bash Crash Team Racing Diddy Kong Racing Sonic Riders/Zero Gravity/Free Riders Modnation Racer Micromachines Series Bomberman Kart Burnout: Dominator Formula 1 Series International Superstar Soccer Pro Series Fifa Series NBA 2K Series Fifa Streets Series NBA Streets Series Shrek Series Rachet & Clank Series Def Jam Vendetta/Fight For New York Urban Reign X-Men Legends Simpsons Hit & Run One Piece: Pirates Carnival Scott Pilgram vs the world: The Game Castle Crashers Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords Adventures LittleBigPlanet/LBP2/LBP3 Worms Guitar Hero Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bomberman Turtles in Time: ReShelled Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style/Taste The Pain Monster Hunter World of Warcraft Minecraft Fortnite Trine
  2. As others have said: Mortal Kombat - Especially during Fatalities God of War - Especially during button mashing action sequences Manhunt - This game has been the centre of controversy and banning in some countries
  3. I used to take it in turns per world when it came to switching them out so I would try and use them both as equal as possible. It also depends on the Guest character and the world/enemies. Though I do like to rely on Physical strength more than Magic.
  4. There are many games that could be adapted into films and some even have the blue print layed out. God of War - Could take some tips from Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans and 300. Uncharted - Could take some tips from Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. Heavy Rain - Pretty much a film in itself though can take some ideas from the movie Kidnap Jade Cocoon - This could work well into a story if they can get the creatures right. Dynasty Warriors - I know Dynasty Warriors is based off Romance of the three Kingdoms novel, and that there are many Movies, TV series, Cartoons and Animes based on the Three kingdoms era. But I would like to see something based off Dynasty Warriors the game where the characters have the same models from the games with the unique weapons, armour, horse, fighting style, stages and elements rather than your generic sword, spear and bow like it originally was in that era. I also think Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry could be great if executed properly but Im sure these 2 will get done in the future given their popularity.
  5. One of my favourite parts of Dragon Ball is the 21st Budokai Tenkaichi World Martial Arts Tournament. Son Goku vs Jakie Chun (Roshi) Student vs Master.
  6. Bleach Live Action Movie Trailer



    Releasing 20th July 2018 B|

    1. megajew


      Rukia looks weird

    2. Pizza Cat
    3. Inverti


      Ugh. THIS in favor of an animated final arc? Dear lord.

  7. Is it possible for you to reupload the files for Ultimate Muscle as the links have been removed from Amazon and there is no way to get them from BakaBT?

  8. Batman Ninja -


    Anime 2018

    1. ThePJzer


      That's fucking ridiculous.


      I love it :D

    2. DRX


      This is quite an outrageous idea, but dammit I love it too.

  9. I would recommend the following: 5 Centimeters Per Second Onegai Teacher Rurouni Kenshin
  10. I am also looking forward to this one. Should be interesting.
  11. Would you be able to upload the pika shorts if possible? The links are dead. Thanks.

    1. Anon316


      Unfortunately I don't have access to the drive that they are on and probably won't for a long while.


      If the situation changes and I manage to obtain them earlier I will keep you updated.

    2. ElementalCards
  12. To name a few... Anon Aden Alex Axel Andy Alan Alec Abel Aqua Avon Avar Ajax Anax Asos Aldi Asda Audi Avis Ayva Amir Adaa Asap
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