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22 hours ago, Azy said:

Well, I don't really know much about digital painting, however, I do know that Photoshop is a great software for drawing in. If you have a wacom(sp) tablet it makes it easier to draw what you want instead of using the mouse all the time. 


I am also sure that you could probably learn a few tricks to the trade looking up digital painting tuts on youtube, however, learning this kind of art isn't a fast thing. I've been using photoshop for the past 15 years and over the course of my artwork, you can see when I started getting better with composition.

I have saome very basic experience with PS, however, I'd prefer an free alternative, since digital art isn't something I want to pursue, but just something I need the basics of to get by until I can afford a professional/but art/or unfortunately fail and give up on my dreams

Yes, I am aware of the fact, and am ready to put in time and effort. I have been learning bit every now and then, for a more quite some time, but not that seriously. Only the tricks that were required at the moment. However, this real project I was taking about, where I can't use placeholder images, is something that I am using for a kinda-competition, with a serous deadline. Hence the urgency to learn...lol...I guess I should have worked harder before, when I was bust watching all this anime..


Anyways, I guess it doesn't really matter now... I am kind of having some issues, and might have to give up everything... I don't know..sorry..



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