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  1. bentheguitarman

    What is your favourite country

    yes how could i forget!
  2. bentheguitarman


  3. bentheguitarman


  4. bentheguitarman

    Hello, new member

    Welcome, MoonKnight is right, this is a great forum
  5. bentheguitarman

    Hello! New member here :))

    great site, even greater community
  6. bentheguitarman

    Hello, I'm a new memeber here!

    Welcome to the site, enjoy
  7. bentheguitarman

    Hello friends

  8. bentheguitarman


    hi welcome to the site
  9. bentheguitarman

    iOS10 Sucks

    yo is this doodman from privatehd?
  10. bentheguitarman

    Downloading/Ripping From Cartoon Network (US)?

    https://www.telechargerunevideo.com/en/ give that site a go, post the link of the video into this site
  11. bentheguitarman

    Which the "best" source?

    you would need to post media info for each, my guess would be the file over 1gb but without seeing mediainfo it's just a guess, why do you want to encode them? they seem a good filesize already
  12. bentheguitarman

    Download a Youtube Region Blocked video

    https://www.telechargerunevideo.com/en/ give that site a go, takes little bit to generate download link but works great
  13. bentheguitarman

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    fast and furious
  14. bentheguitarman

    Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

    didn't even know about this. cool
  15. bentheguitarman

    Amazing Forum

    its so great right!