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Removed Topsite Lists and Dead Affiliates


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Back in the day Topsite lists were a great way of easily advertising your site and gathering visitors. However in the last few years they've seen major declines in usage (mainly due to the initial wave of spambots that plagued them and managed to overload servers than ran them easily. We use to host multiple topsites ourselves but were forced to remove them due to the server load they caused. Anyhow, checking the statistics, the majority of the topsite lists were sending us less than 10 visitors in a whole month. I figured such a miniscule amount didn't warrant the buttons being on all the pages ruining the look of the forum and causing extra images needed to be loaded. Hence I've decided to stop supporting them.


We removed Anime Home from our affiliates list because they've been pretty much dead since 2010.


I've decided to condense the "Affiliates & Topsite" box down to simply a list of "Friends". Currently we only have one site. So if you know of any other community forums or websites in general who may wish to affiliate us (and are decent enough sized that it'd benefit both communities) then please let me know and I'll contact them. Affiliates are a great way to build SEO and also help garner new friendships among communities.

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