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Hello ~Introduction~


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Hi there :)

I read the "Welcome to Kametsu" thread by Koby, and thus was encouraged to post an introduction... Voila...


-- I actually found the English Dub Kingdom / Kametsu website many years ago, hmm I would take a guess at 2008 but that's just a rough guess... at that time I was searching for English dub versions of Kenshin I believe... I did register on the forum before, but never posted because I lost internet for awhile and then I lost the login info :(


-- I've always loved Koby's sites, he gives good info... I've downloaded MPC-HC and CCCP on all my computers due to his suggestion over on English Dub Kingdom... And I appreciate the fact that he doesn't put up with spammers etc... I moderate a group over on dA and therefore have to deal with *ahem* not nice people, and you have to take a tough stand, unfortunately.


-- I do *hope* to be active... I love participating in a growing, thriving online environment that shares experiences and ideas...


-- Hmm top 5 anime... not in order... Hikaru no Go, Rurouni Kenshin, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail... and yes I do like Naruto :).


-- Top 5 video games... Tales of the Abyss for PS2, Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox, Xenoblade Chronicles, Legend of Zelda (All, but especially Skyward Sword & Twilight Princess), Final Fantasy X & XII, Super Smash Brothers Brawl


-- Hobbies... I draw, do a tiny bit of digital editing, amateur photographer, I have a deviantART page & moderate 2 groups on that site... I'm a substitute teacher at a local high school and I love it...


-- Can't think of any questions atm... although I am in the process of attempting to get an avatar lol


If you have any questions or comments for me, please feel free to ask / post...


I look forward to getting to know everyone :)



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I like FF12 too! That one doesn't get a lot of credit because of the gambit system, but I really liked it. The first time I played it, I tried to do as many side quests as possible before getting frustrated and just going through to the end. I ended up being way overpowered, haha.


You won't be able to add an avatar until you have 15 posts. Your account will upgrade automatically once you hit that milestone.


Enjoy your stay, Leitha! Let us know if you have any other questions~

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