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G'day mates


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  • How did you find Kametsu? google.

What do you think of the place so far? its a nice forum,very easy on the eyes.

How active are you planning on being? as i like anime,i expect to be fairly active.

What are your top five anime? Bleach,Dragon Ball Z,Death Note,trigun,kenshin.

Top five video games? eve,diablo 3,minecraft,darksiders,wow.

What other hobbies do you have? Lapidary.

Make any graphics? nope.

Do you have any questions for us? im currently up to bleach ep 248,and so far theres 4 or 5 unresolved story lines,i was kinda curious as to why they chose to do that it makes it a bit confusing.

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Welcome to the forum, valko! I thought lapidary had to do with rabbits, but I Googled it to make sure and I was 100% wrong. That's pretty cool though, what kind of stuff do you make?


Far as Bleach goes, that might be better asked in the Bleach subforum, but I suspect that because it is such a long-running show, it just happens. I have no idea, though, never watched the anime or read the manga.


Anyway, if you have any other questions, let us know! Otherwise, enjoy your stay and I hope to see you around. :3

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Hey i find it ok.Its nice and so is everyone as far as activity same as you i like anime so fairly active

top 5  anime: Samurai chaploo,FLCL,Chaos Head,Durarara and Shiguri death frenzy off the top of my head

top 5 games: Any Final fansty (VII,VIII,X,VIII), Kindom Hearts , Monster Hunter Freedom Unite,Devil May Cry series and Tekken 3

i play guitar in a metal band and in another band thats more college rock and idk if you call it a hobbie cos im studing graphic design but drawing to.


Are you australian ? i am, From melbourne you ?

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Hey, Welcome to Kametsu!

Regarding the Bleach question: it's because the anime caught too far upto the manga, so they had to insert mini-stories so the main story could progress, and then they would go back to the main story only to catch up. So there's a lot of mini- incomplete stories littered throughout the later bleach episodes. (I believe so anyway, but I'm not 100%)

Anywho, welcome. I do hope to see you around. :>

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