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  1. How many Americans watch Anime?

    Apparently a large number of Americans watch anime. Otherwise, companies like Funimation would not exist.
  2. Avatar what bender are you?

    Defnitely an Air Bender. Creating air bubbles is awesome!
  3. Anime You Would Never Watch Again.

    Shakugan no Shana Just can't get into the series. I don't know what the hype is about.
  4. Which Voice Actor Do You Want To Meet?

    I agree with xZulu. Jamie Marchi is very talented and has a long history of voice acting. I also would like to meet Todd Haberkorn. The man has skills in acting.
  5. Anyone find BTOOM interesting?

    Btoom was a decent anime. The plot was good and I hope that a second season is announced. It all depends on sales and popularity.
  6. will there be continuation of Berserk series?

    All three movies will be dubbed, but it might take some time before they are released. The third movie just came out in Japan, but it would be great to see how it compares to the anime series.
  7. The series is great. Can't wait for the dub!
  8. Infinite Stratos was good. There are a bunch of new dubbed anime coming out every month.
  9. Good Anime Movies

    Final Fantasy Advent Children was really good. Amazing style.
  10. Claymore

    Soul Eater is too long. Claymore was really good, but the ending not so much.
  11. Sekirei season 3???

    The anime was left with such a wide ending that there must be a season 3.
  12. high school of the dead Good or Not!!!!

    I completely agree with you sir. I just finished watching this anime and liked it.
  13. Sword Art Online (whole franchise)

    This was a great series. Hopefully, the dub will make it a keeper!
  14. I saw Advent Children and fell in love with anime. Not much of a manga fan though.
  15. Heaven's Lost Property Season 3 Announced!

    This is great news. I wonder what the plot will be??? The movie was not very good, but I enjoyed the series.