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Secret Sweetheart Event

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Happy Thursday!


Valentine's is coming up in a few weeks, so I'll be hosting another community event. It will be much like the Secret Santa, but less Christmas themed.


For those who do not enjoy or like the Hallmark Holiday, fret not, for this will simultaneously be an Anti-Valentine's event! Just make note of it in your form.



The Form



Do Not Send:

Will Do:

Will Not Do:


The Prompt: This is where you describe what you want. Maybe you want a cute poem about puppy love. Maybe you want a story about your favourite characters.

Do Not Send: Where you tell us what you absolutely do not want.

Will Do: Things you are willing to do.

Will Not Do: All about the things you refuse to do. Consent is important.


The Talents


We will accept any and all talents, provided it is a labour of love and not your chequebook. Don't buy any gifts! You can write a poem or story, create a graphics set, put together a playlist, or draw a picture.


I will delineate now that if any of the Sweethearts drop out, I will do as I did for the Christmas event. I will fill in for the written prompts and Java will fill in for the graphics requests. Please try not to drop out!


The Process


I will ask that members send their completed forms to me via PM or some other private means like Skype, Pesterchum, Facebook, or Tumblr. Just as long as you don't post it here in the thread! Then I will match everyone up and send out the prompts. From there, Sweethearts will fill the requests and send the gifts to me.


On Valentine's Day, I will complete the delivery.


The Timeline


Entry Deadline: 27th January 2013

Gift Deadline: 13th February 2013

Gift Delivery: 14th February 2013



If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in thread.


I will also note here that the next superlative event will begin on March. It will be multiple choice. If anyone has any ideas for future community events, do let me know!

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The reason I initially did not add the "Will Do" section is because it did not seem as important as the "Will Not Do" section. A lot of the requests from the Secret Santa were fairly vague and did not put much emphasis on the form of the gift. I have added it upon request.


I will post a status reminder tomorrow and edit my signature accordingly. The deadlines should be okay for now unless anyone needs any extra time--filling out the form itself will take about five minutes and not the week or so that is provided, depending how detailed you are about your request. Sweethearts will still have about two and a half weeks to fill their requests. If anyone requests something so complicated that it cannot be filled in that time, I will personally take the request, haha.


It's fine if it's a small event. At the bare minimum it needs three participants, haha.

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Yes, there was a problem with the last one because I forgot to tally up the incomplete entries, lul. They're fine now.


Other than that, as I mentioned in the first post here, the next set will be multiple choice (there's a form and everything), since it's supposed to be a series of tie breakers. I'm thinking if we do tie breakers maybe once or twice a year, it should keep the number of ties we have to a minimum. But we'll see with this next set how many we should do--if it breaks all the ties, then once a year should suffice. If people still remain tied, then we might have to do it twice.


June's superlatives should be all new, though!

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