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nihongo ga wakarimasu ka?


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Hi I just signed up. I'm a former high school anime club leader, and even though I'm in college now, I'm still providing for anime club's anime material. So I've been downloading lots of anime from various sites. Uhhgg...,. =_='' Well also I'm studying Japanese in college, and if anyone who speaks it or is also learning it wants to chat with me and help each other out with Japanese then that's cool. ii desu yo!! ^^ And.....douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu. And Naruto is my favorite anime/manga series btw.

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For someone who is a leader, in college, and knows 2 languages.. you sure aren't too bright because you were unable to even read a very easy and simple forum and understand where to post.

A board called "Naruto" for Naruto Anime & Manga discussions, is not a place to introduce yourself.

*moved to the correct place*

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