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Welcome to the forum Vorttex, I can see you honest about your reasons for joining the forum. Just a few things that I shall bring up are make your posts meaningful and on topic and they will not be deleted. Im sure if you do that then your stay will be enjoyable for yourself and the other forum members.

Enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions feel free to ask myself or any of the other regulars here. Later!

Oh and F.Y.I any posts here in the SEED Hallway do not count towards your overall post count, it is the same as posting in the forum game threads.

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Yes, I see you posted in many threads in this subforum. You were probably disappointed when you found that your post count did not rise accordingly. Please read the Forum Rules and FAQ to familiarise yourself with the way things are run here.

Additionally, it bears noting that you don't need a post count to download from the IRC bot. If participating in a forum is not your style, I suggest you take a look into utilising XDCC.

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