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How did you find Kametsu? I was Looking up graphics and forums online and went to one of those TOPlist things and say this and clicked on it. Then check it out and signed up and thus I'm here :)

What do you think of the place so far? I really like it its weel put together and seems save and friendly place.

How active are you planning on being? All the time, since I'm online a lot. =p ( Unless something comes up and I'm not on.)

What are your top five anime? Samurai 7, Naruto, Read Or Die The Tv, I can't think of others one's right now.

Top five video games? Pokemon BW2, Okami, Tekken Tag Trouiment 2, I can't think of others one's right now.

What other hobbies do you have? Drawing,Reading,Gaming,Animation, and Singing

Make any graphics? Yes on and off for about few years, no I'm not the best but hope to be or get better soon with more practice.

Do you have any questions for us? None, at the moment, sorry.


My name I go by is FuBeta, Fu for short please. I am hoping to have a great time here making some new friends and contributing to the fourm community as well.

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