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  1. I started with FF7 and was hooked ever since.
  2. There is river behind my house and I usually spend a whole summer in it.
  3. I was looking for dubbed anime. I found this site and Cartoon World.
  4. The Amazing Spiderman. It is pretty awesome.
  5. Soccer is my favorite and tomorrow Real Madrid will vs Barcelona .
  6. I have watched about 150 or more anime series.
  7. Dragon Ball Z although I didn't know it was anime at the time.
  8. Torchlight 2 is the best choice for me.
  9. I like it very much and hope for the second season.
  10. When i was a child i found that the anime on TV was very nice ,then i go and watch other anime and i got addicted to them
  11. Another The world god only knows Freezing A tale of memories
  12. I‘d like to watch the op and ed and try to sing it sometimes.
  13. tonyp


    Nice to meet you,Im new here too.
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