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HI peeps. Nice to meet you all. I just love anime. :happy:

How did you find Forgotten Memories?

- The internets

What RPG's have you played?

- Final Fantasy series

- Dragon Warrior/Quest

- Skies of Arcadia

- Star Ocean

What RPG's do you like?

- Skies of Arcadia

- The Legend of Zelda (Yes its still considered R-P-G. Role playing games aren't limited to just being turn based)

What RPG's have you beaten?

- All of the above

I hope to engage in alot interested discussions around here...

Smell ya later!

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Hey welcome to Kametsu Forums, home of Anime & Video Game discussions as well as Anime Downloads. Feel free to look around, post if find something to reply to, or create a new thread if you are interested in starting up a new topic of discussion. If you download any Anime, please be sure to give a thank you in that thread, as it not only shows you appreciate the uploaders work of uploading and possibly even encoding the Anime.. but also shows people are actually interested and downloading what they took the time to do!

Anyways I hope you like it here, and continue to visit! Have fun! ^_^

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