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Posting this because I was surprised that no one had already done so earlier.

So far, 16 episodes have come out. I've been hooked on this since day one!

What does everyone else think of it?

Also, check out Sword Art Online. The original Light Novels were written by the same guy and it's adaptaion is looking great at the moment!

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thanks for making this thread.going to link it to my accel world download thread..

been watching it since it came out as well. it been pretty good so far. especially liked the fight between

black lotus and yellow radio

definitely recommend this show to anyone thats in to MMRPG games or just online gaming in general.

as for SAO i have dropped that series after about episode 3 i think due to fact in my opinion the show has some technical flaws that needs to be cleared up first.

i like the fact that the players have consequences for losing in the game; i.e dieing as opposed to accel world which so far i haven't really seen any drastic consequences only thing that will happen if you lose in accel world is that you lose you brainburst program for good.

I might start back SAO later on when its finished or something.. But Accel World FTW!!

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Loved this series as well. I hope JC Staff does a season 2 for it. Well, given their history and the fact that the LN is still on going. A S2 for this is pretty likely.

I loved it too, but one thing, JC Staff didn't do the main series, they only did the specials that were adapted from the 4koma. The one you are looking for should be Sunrise, but I still think it's  pretty likely to get a season 2.

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