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  1. In my country anime is not that popular.
  2. omg I watched Sailor Moon and Vampire Guilty Knight and I really enjoyed the series lol. Of course it is not wrong. Why should it be?
  3. When I was 4-5 years old my aunt bought me a videotape named RG Veda. I really liked that, but I didn't realize that it was anime. When I was 14 years old I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh!. I started playing the game then I realized that this is not a cartoon even though people think it is. I started watching the Japanese version then I saw other anime like Inuyasha, Ranma and etc, and that's pretty much how I started watching anime.
  4. MarikBG

    Anime or Manga?

    I like anime, but I check the manga if I really like the series.
  5. it was such a pain. I'm glad that Bleach ended. 50% of the anime was filers
  6. Fate Zero has a better plot than Fate Stay Night, but the battles are not that many. Both of them are very different. While Fate Stay Night creates some game-battle atmosphere, Fate Zero has more history involved. Unfortunately I couldn't see anything about Sakura ;( in Fate Zero. I am sure that they are so many things that they could add in this anime, but they didn't.
  7. So far so good. I hope that they're going to keep up the good work.
  8. Naruto and Sara (the girl from the 4th Naruto Shippuuden Movie) was a nice couple. />http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-S5rGGy4KTfg/T2EPAuLepjI/AAAAAAAAAMQ/x_v4r31bmo4/s1600/naruto-queen-sara.jpg />http://images.wikia.com/naruto/images/6/65/Sara's_new_look.png
  9. It's a good RPG Anime! I guess it would be nice if there was a PC game about it.
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