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Hello members of Kametsu,

I am currently in the IRC channel as of typing this and was greeted kindly by An-IP-BreAK|DoWN and some others on the channel.

A little about me. Currently working in IT, recent graduate from BCIT, and single (unfortunately lol). I love to work with computers and servers in the Microsoft realm as its my thing. I also love to watch anime and read manga, when I get the time to though (ie lazy lol). So for genres, I am really open to anything, from slice of life to yuri/yaoi. But not really into the guro though, but Junji Ito makes an exception in my books.

I hope to become more familiar with the community here as I hopefully become more active here (work and being tired coming doesn't allot me much brain power to do anything when I get back lol).

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