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Hey, I'm Rivin.

I'm here to converse about Anime/Manga, games, art, and just life in general.

I'm a big fan of art and music, and draw, paint, and make music as well. Beyond that, I'm pretty much a standard nerd/geek.

I live in the USA, am 23 years old, and am a male.

I'm not really great at introductions, but I hope to meet and enjoy the company of other members of the forum and hope I can add to that company as well!


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Welcome to Kametsu Forums~

I hope you enjoy your stay here! You're a painter? :o if you like, you can post your works in the Art and Literature section.

See ya around~

Thanks guys. =) And yeah, but sadly i'm not so great at painting. Better at drawing imo. And Whoops. I posted a few drawings in Graphics as I mistook it as being the Visual Arts section of the forums... My bad guys... Hopefully someone can move it (or delete it so I can remake it in the correct board) for me. But I truly appreciate the welcome.

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